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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Google Latitude - Locating Friends on Google Maps

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Google Latitude is now up and running! It allows you to see your friends location (as well as share your location) on Google Maps. You can access it using a mobile phone (but not all) and computer.
Image Courtesy of GoogleImage Courtesy of Google
With this feature, the privacy of the user is at risk since it broadcasts his/her location. But Google managed to counter this problem by letting the users manually choose to turn it ON or OFF. Basically to turn off or disable the service so that the user can't be located. This service is very useful and helpful especially to parents who wish to keep track of their children right from their computer or phones.

Unfortunately this feature is only available to the US and other countries.
Try it yourself! Here is the link: Enjoy!

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Euroangel said...

wow I guess you are having fun too in Germany...thanks for the comments...

parang expert ka sa tech ah...keep it up...if you need some info, feel free to leave a comment or contact me..take care n God bless!!

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