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Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I choose Firefox rather than Opera or Google Chrome as a Blogger?

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Since I joined Blogger, I always use Firefox simply because I am satisfied using it. Curios about what the other popular browsers have to offer, I tried using Opera and Google Chrome.

But I was not satisfied using Google Chrome when I tried to edit my blog layout. If you want to know why I don't use Google Chrome, please read this post.

What I am going to tell you is the Search Function comparison between Firefox and Opera.
When you do a search using Opera (pressing "CTRL + F"), it will launch a new window. If you want to search the next or previous word, you have to select Search up or Search down, and then click Find Next.

In Firefox, searching is simple. A search bar will just appear below (pressing "CTRL + F"). If you want to search the next or previous word, you only have to click Next or Previous button.

You also have the option to Highlight all the text found. This is very useful especially when you have manually added your adsense code to your layout. You just have to search "google_ad", click Highlight all, and you just have to browse for the highlighted text.

What browser do you use when you do some changes to your blog layout?
Have you used other browsers which have better Search Funcionality than Firefox?

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Neptuno said...

There is a faster way to search in opera, just press dot (.) and start typing what you want to search... Opera will highlight all the findings while you are typing.... thats fast..... then you can use f3 to move around the results....

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Neptuno,

Just tried what you said and it worked. Problem is, it will highlight all occurrences but no Next or Previous occurrence. So for me, Firefox is still better ^_^

sn0 said...

wow ... i didnt know opera had that option . thanks .
But , thumbs down for such a obsure way to activate it .
I like the safari 4 search method . super slick . I am using opera 10 alpha ... and still it does not have a search option like the other browsers .... how retarded .

Anonymous said...

@sn0 just because you're used to something doesn't mean that other things are retarded. That's like saying you don't like snorkeling because it isn't like diving. "how retarded"

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