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Friday, January 16, 2009

Why Firefox and Opera are better than Google Chrome as a Blogger?

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Is Google Chrome buggy? No.
Is Google Chrome slower? I did no testing.
What is the disadvantage of Google Chrome compared to Firefox and Opera?

Since I am a Google fan, I tried using Google Chrome (especially the Incognito Mode. Surfing, downloading, searching, browsing, and video streaming worked just fine like Opera and Firefox. When I login to my Blogger account and tried changing the layout of my blog (Layout -> Edit HTML), a problem came (not really a problem but rather an inconvenience for me as a Blogger).

Do you know what the problem really is with Google Chrome if you are a Blogger and you want to change your layout?

Google Chrome's Browser Search function. (do not misunderstand this as Google Search)

When I tried searching for the word "body" (not body of a woman but the HTML tag), Google Chrome did not find the word. I restarted Google Chrome thinking that it might just be the solution but still it could not find the word I was looking for. I was thinking that Google Chrome's Search Function is buggy. I tried searching other tag such as "head" but still it was not working. Then I searched for the word "html" and now it worked but only yielded 1 result, "Edit HTML".

Because of that, I have concluded that Google Chrome's Search Function could not search text inside the CODE BOX. Opera and Firefox can.

This is the only reason why I use Opera or Firefox over Google Chrome, again if I try to do changes to my layout. It was very inconvenient for me as a Blogger user to search the code manually just looking for the word "body" or "HeaderColor". But I believe Google will fix this in their next software release.

I still use Google Chrome for surfing but use Firefox or Opera when I login to my Blogger account. But I personally recommend Firefox. Please read this post to know why I use Firefox, again if I try to do changes to my blog layout.

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sami said...

I haven't tried Google Chrome yet. But I'd want to test it for new learning purposes ;) I like Firefox because of the security it offers. :)

PING_TM said...

Hi Sami,
Thanks for dropping by ^_^
I agree with you. Google Chrome is nice but I still prefer Firefox at the moment.



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