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Friday, February 13, 2009

How to setup Scheduled Recording using TerraTec Home Cinema Program

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This is a Step by Step Tutorial on how to setup Scheduled Recording using TerraTec Home Cinema Program. The specific model that I used is Terratec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD TV Tuner. But this tutorial may possibly work on other Terratec Cinergy TV Tuners. What I am trying to say is that Terratec have different models of TV Tuners but the Software Program it uses are just the same. I believe the differences might be its features and skin.

1. Open TerraTec Home Cinema program.
2. Click on New or F5.
3. Choose and click on the TV station.
4. Select the recording Mode.
5. Set the Date.
6. Set the Start Time and the End Time.
7. Set the Afterwards Mode. This means what do you want the program to execute after the recording. You can either choose:
  • Close the application
  • Hibernate computer
  • Standby computer
  • Power off the computer
8. Click Save or F5.
9. The next window will just show you the Scheduled recordings. Just Click Exit or F8
10. When the recording starts, your Terratec Home Cinema program should have a Record icon.
Please watch the slide show to better understand these steps.

In my sample screen shots, I set the TV Tuner to do a record on TV Station ProSieben on February 13, 2009. It will start at 10:25 AM and will stop recording at 10:30 AM. After it stops it will close the Terratec Home Cinema Program.

For example if you always want to record the 5 PM to 6 PM news every Monday to Friday and after the recording it will shutdown the computer, just set the Mode to Mon-Fri and the Afterwards option to Power Off.

My Observations
Terratec's Home Cinema Program is not that easy to use if the user is not really into tech stuff. The options, like the New-F5 and Delete-F6, does not look like a button. So ordinary users will not immediately know on what to do next. It should look like more of a button since most users are getting used to it. Displaying text as a clickable item will not tell the user that it is clickable. I hope Terratec will improve their User Interface in their next Software Release.

Enjoy Recording! ^_^


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